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bring on the thunder.



acoustic songs, airports, alexander skarsgard, alexisonfire, american horror story, angus thongs & perfect snogging, anything written by john green, anna faris, black milk, brighton, british accents, caleb turman, cher lloyd, concerts, dave the laugh, demi lovato, disney, ebay, family, fashion, festivals, fred & george weasley, free stuff, a good book, girls who like girls, glee, harry potter books & films, history, horrible reality tv, how i met your mother, irish accents, jack's mannequin, jane austen, jennifer's body, jimmy eat world, juno temple, kathryn prescott, katy perry's style, kaya scodelario, krispy kreme original donuts, kyle gallner, lady gaga, large hoodies, lasagna, laughing, lily loveless, lindsay lohan, london, love, mary-kate olsen, mayday parade, mcfly, megan fox, mitchell davis, mocha frappes, money, music, my life as liz, naomily, nicole richie, one tree hill, piercings, pixie lott, pizza, reading, redbull, ron weasley, russell brand, samaire armstrong, santorini, sarcasm, seth & anna, shoes, skins, skyy blue, sleeping, starbucks, sydney, taylor momsen, the academy is..., the getaway plan, the maine, the oc, the simple life, tony & maxxie, travelling, true blood, winter, writing letters, ym@6

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love is won over by ignorance.